On my own blog a while back I wrote a post about the importance to appreciate the little things around us and how we sometimes overlook some of theĀ  easiest, smallest things we can do for ourselves everyday to have a better life. On top of that list was, for some, a surprising task: making your bed. Do you make your bed every morning? Here are a few reasons why I make sure my bed is made every morning:

  • It will boost happiness!
  • A feeling of accomplishment!
  • Being more productive!
  • Being more organized!
  • Inspired to keep the rest of your house clean!
  • A sense of being in control of your day!
  • Give you a better night sleep!
  • Feeling more at peace!
  • Feeling more relaxed in your bed room!
  • De-cluttered look!

So get up everyday with a determination to make your bed and the positive effects will be like a domino effect! You are in charge of yourself and you can start new habits! It just takes some time, but before you know it you will “just do it” as a daily part of your morning routine!

Tell me: Do you make your bed? Have you always done it or is it a recent habit? If you don’t, why do you feel like it’s not important?

Get up, smile big, and crush your day!