There is nothing good about the way that food marketers sell us our food. Their only concern? A profit. Don’t let this labeling chaos mislead you. Here are 10 reasons why food marketers should be slapped for trying to sell you and your family shady products!

When we think of locally grown, or locally made, we tend to lump that together with fresh, healthy, and good-for-you food. According to the USDA, local is a term that encompasses a 400-mile range. That means that I could be drinking a wine from the Niagara region (where my in-laws live) that was made with locally grown grapes. Except that I make that trip only a few times each year and seven hours does not seem local.


Organic in the mind of the consumer is one thing, but organic to food marketers is used whenever it can be. Breyer’s Organic Vanilla Bean ice cream still contains 15 grams of sugar per serving. That’s 60 grams of organic sugar in every pint. A pint of ice cream can be eaten with every bad break-up if you’re not careful!

We love bursts of energy, but saying that something is “Energy Boosting” because it contains caffeine doesn’t give our body the same kind of boost as a brisk walk would.

Diet foods. They are usually chemically extracted and then chemically enhanced. Sounds delicious, right?

We are pushed to practice portion control. Snack packs, Minis, and 100-Calorie options are usually what we end up with. Do you know anyone who has ever had a chocolate chip cookie snack pack and been satisfied? How about after they eat 5? Give yourself a full cookie. I guarantee you feel better about “allowing yourself a treat” than trying to pretend you’re no longer hungry after 5 miniscule cookies. Try snacking smarter with these 30 Healthy Snacks!


The overuse of the buzzword “natural” is alarming. Considering there is no FDA regulation on it. At all.

Does the café you frequent tell you that their food is made fresh, daily? Unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bread recipe is put to good use every morning before 6 a.m. It could just mean that your sandwich was assembled right in front of you. Technically that’s freshly made. (According to Webster’s Dictionary, fresh bread can mean not stale, sour, or decayed. I would hope not!)

Food marketers aren’t just attacking those of us who can read, but they’re taking advantage of parents so much that we’re buying our kids juices and snacks made with “real fruit.” So when we think we’re doing our kids a service by giving them real fruit juice, we could be giving them juice that contains very little real fruit. There is no specific amount needed in the product in order to be labeled this way.


They’re picking on our waistlines too. Our desire to no longer be the fattest country in the world has left our grocery aisles littered with fat-free items. It might be free of fat, but it’s usually not free of sugar, sodium, or other additives.

The final reason food marketers need to be slapped … because they’re playing with our food. Yes, food should be used for fun, excitement, and community, but it’s for our nourishment. It’s there to keep our bodies functioning properly, so we can perform daily activities like playing with our kids and spouses. It shouldn’t be treated like the next big shoes color of the season.