Wine corks have been trending in design since last year and they seem to be here to stay. Even if you aren’t a wine lover, these DIYs will still add a kick of flavor to any of your living spaces. There’s such an organic vibe within these recycled designs, I just can’t get enough of them!

1. Wine Cork Framed Bulletin Board by Suze Geeks Out: If you want a cute frame, this may cost you a little bit. Ikea has these great frames for around $30. But, once you get going with this craft, it’s fairly easy and the more expensive frame seems worth it!


2. Wine Cork Succulent Magnets by Hostess with the Mostess: How great are these for little gifts or party favors?! Just hollow out the cork and place an air plant in there– you obviously need to choose a plant that doesn’t require much water. I want some of these for my desk!


3. Candle Decorations by homedit: You can recreate this look with two glass jars or candle holders. Place the smaller container inside the bigger one and then fill the surrounding space with wine corks.


4. Wine Cork Herb Markers by Shine Your Light: As the blogger points out, this is a total craft for the un-crafty. It couldn’t be easier to label your herbs…or cuter. 


5. Cork Stamps by Live in Art: Okay, to be honest this takes patience…and a steady hand with an exacto knife. But, again it’s a very cute way to personalize a letter or gift wrap! 


6. Cork Monogram by a LO and behold life: I’m not too sure this can be called a “craft.” This one takes some hardware. But, it can come out looking very professional, “Crate and Barrel” style. 

cork 6

7. Refrigerator Letter Magnets by The Brass Paperclip Project: Cut, glue and stamp your way to wonderful fun. Spell out all kinds of sayings and messages using these eclectic DIY magnets. I would use multiple fonts for even more fun. Kids can help out on this craft as well as enjoy the end result! 


8. Napkin Rings by Little House on the Left: You can substitute the wire and beads with ribbon for an even easier craft. Write a message or their name for an extra personal touch. 

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 3.11.19 PM

9. Place card Holders by PopSugar: People sell bags of these for upwards of $20! Save your money and make your own. 


10. Cork Bar Tabletop by Addicted2Decorating: Again this one will take some time and probably several bags of wine corks. But, what a great bar table top.  You could also just make a tray if committing this much makes you nervous!