I’m sure every mom would have her own list of the 10 must-have items. Each experience is different, which is exactly why these lists can vary so greatly. I have added things to my must-have list over the past few months, and realized there were a few things I didn’t really need once I had my daughter. Here, my 10 must-have items for new moms:

Hand Sanitizing Wipes: Nobody remembers to tell you that when you go to the bathroom in a public place to change a diaper, you won’t have any extra hands to wash your own hands once the deed is done. Put multiple packs in every bag you own.

Stain Remover: Little travel-size versions and a big giant bottle of it sitting right on top of your washer. Drool may look clear, but there’s something in there that will make your clothes look so dirty even if they’re right out of the wash.

Ottoman: Rocker, glider, giant comfy chair; no matter which you choose to sit in to feed your baby, put them to sleep, or just sit in, you’re going to want to put your feet up.


Car Seat: This is an obvious one. Just like diapers, wipes, a first aid kit, and bottles/pump/your girls.

Nightlight: For yourself. Your infant will not know the difference between a partially lit corner of the room and pitch black. You however, will need to see where you’re going when you check on your newborn for the third time in an hour. (You will do this. Even if you have a crazy night vision, sound detecting, temperature controlling monitor.)

Carrier: Whether you choose the Bjorn, or the wrap, you’ll need this if you plan on going to the grocery alone. Try sitting a car seat in the shopping cart and buying a house full of items, not happening. Try sitting your baby up in the designated kid seat … when they can’t sit up yet. Again, not happening. You need both of your arms to grocery shop. You need a full cart. And you need to take your little one because no one else is available to watch them. Strap them to your body and it’s time for business.

Healthy Snacks: Stay up an extra 30 minutes to prep yourself some snacks. Something that’s ready to go at a moments notice, because you will get hungry and new babies have no idea what patience is.


A Favorite Brand of (Fill in the blank): This will come with time, but eventually you will discover which brand of diapers, wipes, lotion, shampoo, detergent, clothing, bottles, all-purpose cleaner, bibs, etc. that you like. Find one quick and stock up! Trips to the store are minimal these days.

Stool Softener: Maybe you’re cringing just reading that. Maybe you’re thinking that’s TMI. Either way, do not leave this at the hospital when you are discharged. You can thank me later.

A Village: If you are far away from everyone you have ever known, join a moms group. If you’re lucky enough to have friends and family near, utilize them. Find your go-to sitter before your baby is born. Find their back up before your baby is born. Keep friends without babies close. You’re going to need their stories. Keep your significant other even closer. You will rely on each other for naps, trips to the gym, cooking, middle of the night shifts, a random hug, and someone who can actually speak real words.

After reading through my list of must-have items, what’s on yours? Also, if you’re looking for gift ideas for new moms, check out these 5 Fab Gift Ideas!