So many things mark the transition into the fall season: leaves changing color, crisp weather and of course, the roar of football. One way we all get into the love of the game is by sharing those signature snacks at a good tailgate. But how can we make those snacks healthy, yet enjoyable for our friends and family? Here are some fun recipes that are both tasty and guilt-free.

Honey-Ginger Chicken Bites: This snack is just as easy to prepare as it is to eat. You can even have your kids help with this recipe; once you have all the ingredients gathered and placed into a zip lock baggy, have your kids shake it all up. Click here for the full list of ingredients and preparation.

hg recipe

Seven-Layer Dip: This dip is incredibly quick, easy and convenient for larger tailgate parties. The trick to make your favorite dips less fattening is to swap out the cream cheese or sour cream for yogurt. This recipe uses a low-fat greek yogurt option, offering even more protein along with the beans in another layer. For the full recipe, click here.


Skinny Buffalo Wing Hummus: Football = hot wings. It’s just a given. So, why not take that flavor and put it into something both healthy and yummy, like hummus? Now you can have your “wings” with pita chips! Click here to check out our full recipe!

buffalo wing hummus

Skinny Bloody Mary: Some of you may start your tailgate sessions a little early, and while it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, beer isn’t always the first thing you want early on in the day. If you’re feeling a drink, go the less sudsy, healthier route: a Skinny Bloody Mary. Click here for our quick and easy recipe.

Skinny Baked Sweet Potato Chips: A bag of chips to bring along for tailgating is an easy must. These Skinny chips are just that: easy. It takes five minutes to prep for these delicious chips, and only 8-10 minutes to bake them. Slice them up, pop them in the oven and throw them in a bag for a simple snack at your next football game. Click here for our full recipe and simple steps.

Sweet Potato Chips

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites and Ranch Dip: Whether you’re vegetarian or not, this dish will satisfy you. It’s an interesting, and much healthier alternative to traditional buffalo wings. Chop up some fresh celery, add some low-fat ranch on the side, and you’ll feel as if you’re diving into some messy wings. Check out Nutrition Stripped for their full take on the recipe.


Skinny Gourmet Hot Dogs: Hot dogs are iconic for any sporting event. We’ve got you covered with our low-cal and gourmet turkey dogs. They’ve got a little more to them than just your typical ketchup and mustard hot dog, so get ready to impress your friends in such an easy and healthy way! For our full recipe, click here.

gourmet hotdogs

Skinny White Chicken Chili: Some of those football games later in the season can get pretty cold, sometimes freezing. Warm up with our skinny chili. To warm things up even more, sub jalapenos for the green chiles. This dish is hearty enough to satisfy a large group, but healthy enough to be guilt-free. For our recipe, click here. For any Cincinnati Bengals fans out there, we’ve got a Skinny Cincinnati Chili for you to check out as well!

finished photo white chicken chili

Healthy Hot Chocolate: While you’ve got your warm bowl of chili, you’ll need a hot drink, too, on those chilly football Sundays. This hot chocolate has a nice edge to it, with a surprising dash of banana slices and chili powder. Maybe you’ll decide to stick to the Bloody Mary, but your kids are sure to love this healthy cocoa. Check out Going Home to Roost for the recipe.

Chocolate-Covered Football Strawberries: End on a sweet note with a healthy fruit coated in rich dark chocolate. While tying in the football theme with their cute design, these strawberries are a perfect addition to a tailgate. These are another simple snack/dessert to provide for your friends and family. Be sure to involve the kids in on the fun when making them, too. Check out the recipe here.