Summer is the time for parties and fun get-togethers. The good southerner that I am, I was taught to never show up to a party empty handed.  Whether you have a party to attend or you just simply want to spoil your friends and family, here are 10 healthy gifts to hand out this summer.

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1.Yoga Mat/ Kit: You can find yoga mats just about anywhere now but Amazon carries a kit that includes everything from the mat to workout guide and DVD, plus it’s inexpensive. Buy this great kit here!

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2. Green Tea Kit: Experts are continuously spouting the benefits of green tea, particularly its potential to fight heart disease and cancer.  Who wouldn’t want that for their loved ones?  Here is a great kit with several different types of green tea or you can easily make your own.


3. Summer Reading/Beach Basket: Visiting the beach is pretty common during the summer so a beach basket is a great idea for anyone!  Use a beach basket or even a sand bucket and fill with your favorite summer items.  Throw in a favorite summer read, sunscreen, beach towel, you name it!  You can’t go wrong with this one! Target is a one-stop-shop for all your summer reading/beach basket necessities. Start shopping here! (photo credit here)

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4. Gardening Bag: Nature holds the key to health.  The restorative benefits can lower blood pressure, boost immune function and reduce stress. Here is a super cute gardening tool set that is sure to please even the pickiest of gardeners. Buy here!

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5. Blender with To-Go Cup:  With my love of smoothies, I just couldn’t leave this blender off my list. It allows you to blend your favorite shake or smoothie right in the to-go sport bottle and it comes in several different cool colors. Check these blenders out or purchase by clicking here! (photo credit here)


6. Herb Garden: Giving herbs as gifts is a great way to give someone a gift that they will be able to enjoy for a long time. I love being able to use fresh herbs in my food when I cook, and something about walking into a kitchen that smells like herbs makes me incredibly happy. Buy these great Seedballz packets to get the herb garden started!

7. Spa Basket: Just the thought of going to a spa brings relaxation to mind.  Here’s one that you can give that will create that perfect experience at home. Check it out or purchase this fab Tay Gift Box here.


8. Green Cleaning Supplies: I know this one sounds a little odd but everyone needs to clean, right?  Why not give the gift of eco-friendly cleaning supplies? For those of us that are a bit O.C.D. about cleaning, this is the perfect gift! Put your gift basket together here!


9. Healthy Jams and Jelly Basket: Summer is the perfect time for making healthy jams and jellies.  There are many in abundance to choose from this time of year.  I found this yummy (and easy) recipe with a cute gift idea on Better yet, buy a Jam and Jelly Maker so your family or friends can make it whenever they want! I love the Jam & Jelly Maker from Click here to buy!


10. Summer Soup Basket: Soup baskets are the perfect year round gift.  You can prepare one using premade soups or make your own!  Here is a favorite soup recipe that I love to give as a gift. I am in love with this three-tiered stacking jar to keep the ingredients separated! Check it out and purchase here!