Ever have one of those days where you seem to have an insatiable appetite? You’re hungry. Like seriously give-me-an-endless-rib-buffet hungry. Time to pull out our always-reliable list of healthy foods that will cease your tummy from growling and keep your calories in check. Here is our go-to list of favorite healthy foods that will fill you up fast. What are your favorites?

Almonds! Almonds are an awesome healthy snack. You can carry them everywhere and have a stash in your car, diaper bag and even your husband’s desk at work. Not only do almonds contain healthy unsaturated fat, but just a handful can satisfy hunger. Almonds also contain precious antioxidants and are proven to lessen the rise in blood sugar after eating. Oh yeah, and did we mention they are also delicious? If you aren’t a fan of natural almonds, try adding a little sweetness with Skinny Mom’s Skinny Fruit & Almond Trail Mix!


Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is filling, creamy and delicious! Be mindful of the type and brand of Greek yogurt you choose, because some of it can be highly caloric and have a higher saturated fat content for a one-cup portion. This tasty snack has double the protein of regular yogurt and half the sugar. Plus, you can also use plain Greek yogurt for healthier baking and for making delicious dips.

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Protein bar or shake: These are perfect for when you’re ultra busy and need a quick lunch or breakfast. You can also eat or drink protein bars/shakes for a snack or post-workout pick-me-up if you’re hungry. Again, be mindful of the brands because many pack a lot of calories and sodium in just one little bar. Plus, depending on what you put in your shake, the calories can add up very quickly. Here are six simple and succulent homemade energy bar recipes, and you should definitely check out our skinny smoothies and shakes recipes.

homemade energy bars

Stir fry: There’s nothing better than a good stir fry piled with tons of fresh veggies and lean chicken breast. To make it even healthier, make sure your selection of veggies is extra colorful for added nutrients.


Apples: Apples pack in a lot of fiber, which fills you up. They are a very healthy and versatile fruit. Pair one with a string cheese and you have a tasty and filling snack that gives you fiber, calcium and plenty other good nutrients.


Quinoa: Don’t let the name intimidate you! This versatile grain is packed with protein and fiber and is amazing on its own or in a warm or cold dish. You can cook some with apples for a warm and filling breakfast, toss some into a soup or salad, or pair it with a good stir fry. There are countless ways to enjoy quinoa. Here are some of our favorites: Quinoa Banana Pancakes, Healthy Quinoa Chicken Power Bowl, Quinoa Spinach Parmesan Risotto and Spicy Quinoa Crusted Chicken.

quinoa banana pancakes

Salad: Salads are what you make of them! Start with some dark leafy greens like spinach and throw in lots of multicolored veggies and some protein. Viola! A quick, filling and nutritious meal! If you choose to add dressing, make sure its a healthy lower-calorie option, or just spritz on some olive oil to add a healthy fat. This Skinny French Country Salad with is to die for! Look how yummy!


Tuna or salmon: These fill you up and also contain healthy Omega-3 fats, which are heart healthy. Throw some tuna in a salad, or grill up a yummy salmon brushed with olive oil, lemon juice and Dijon mustard. Yum!


Cereal with almond milk: Mmm..pair a good bowl of Mini-Wheats or Oatmeal Squares with almond milk and a big steaming cup of fresh extra bold black coffee, and your day will start off amazingly delightful! Cereals like these pack in a lot of fiber to keep you full all morning, and almond milk is a delicious and low calorie alternative to regular milk. It also helps keep your tummy happy if you’re lactose intolerant.


Hummus: This spread made with ground chickpeas is not only filling, but it’s also nutritious! It contains healthy Omega-3s, is rich in protein and contains lots of amino acids. Dip some veggies in it or use it as a spread.


If that list got your tummy growling, it looks like it’s time for a healthy snack!