Let’s face it, if you’re a mom it doesn’t matter if you have one child or 10, you’re life is busy, fast-paced and often lacking the extra time to prep healthy snacks for the road. Whether you’re on the lookout for superfood snacks to keep you and your diet on track, or a healthy treat for the kids that isn’t packed with sugar, these 10 healthy snack suggestions from Made Man will keep everyone completely satisfied.


Photo credit: Made Man

Rhythm Kale Chips: Kale could be the trendiest vegetable on the planet right now. However, this nutritional darling is no Kardashian—the leafy green has actually earned its celebrity. A one-ounce serving of kale chips delivers a whopping three days’ worth of vitamin K (which helps blood clot and might boost bone strength in elderly folks), as well as ample doses of antioxidants vitamins A and C. And despite packing less than half the fat of regular potato chips, Rhythm Kale Chips’ array of savory flavors (honey mustard, mango habanero, Texas BBQ) keep your taste buds engaged. $8 at rhythmsuperfoods.com

Ips Egg White Chips: A little nutrition primer: Protein is made up of 22 amino acids, nine of which our bodies don’t produce, making it necessary to get them from food. In addition to containing all nine, egg whites are especially high in leucine, an amino acid linked to improved muscle endurance. Ips (rhymes with chips, short for Intelligent Protein Snacks) uses pressure to puff up a mixture of egg whites and corn, which is then toasted (not fried) and doctored with flavors like aged white cheddar and sea salt and black pepper. The result? A tasty snack that hits you with as much protein as two egg whites (7 grams) and half the fat as potato chip.$12 for 8 bags at ipsanatural.com

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