Living your “best life” is the most noble commitment you can make. How do you make every moment, every opportunity, every day count the most? You stop dreaming about it, you stop talking about it, and you just do it. You tell the part of your brain that says you can’t have it all, be it all, or do it all, to take a hike and then you literally take a hike! If you want to be happy and healthy today you have to begin today and here are 10 tips to get you started today; 90 days from now you will be happy you did.

1. Start today, not Monday. If you are truly motivated to make a lifestyle change you won’t want to wait until Monday.

2. Start by just showing up. Half the battle is getting to the gym, studio, track, etc. Once you’re there, be proud because you’ve accomplished the hardest part!


3. Consider your health an investment, not an expense. The greatest commodity your children have is you!

4. Input equals output. If you dedicate yourself 50% you can expect a 50% change in your health, so imagine the possibilities if you dedicate yourself 100%.


5. Make short term goals. To stay motivated it’s important to set, meet, and most importantly celebrate your short term goals as well.

6. Lift heavy! Fit is the new skinny! Don’t be afraid to hit the weights. It’s not just about burning fat it’s about shaping your body.


7. Abs are made in the kitchen. No amount of crunches will equal a clean diet.

8. Work with your schedule, not against it. If you set yourself up for failure, chances are that you will, but if you set yourself up for success you will be successful.


9. Sleep at night. Recent studies indicate that everybody requires different amounts of sleep, but one thing is the same for everyone- feeling tired during the day doesn’t benefit anyone in any way.

10. Always be prepared. If your fridge is stocked with healthy food you will eat healthy food; if it’s stocked with junk, you will eat junk. Sometimes, it’s really that simple.