Don’t get sucked into brain-cramping, addicting games like Candy Crush. Instead, download apps that will actually test your brain power! These apps will leave you feeling smarter and brighter each day!


Elevate is a free app that’s designed to improve your cognitive skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) through a series of weirdly addictive brain games. Click here to learn more!

Hi.Q will help you learn more about health and fitness. This app will allow you to choose quizzes that best fit your interest. There’s even a quiz on the best way to cure a hangover! Click here to download the app and read reviews.

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Velocity allows us to waste no time reading. Rather than struggling to make it through that 10 page article, Velocity is a speed reading allows you to read one word at a time; words will flash as fast as 500 words per minute. You’d be surprised how easy it is to keep up! Click here to learn more.

Casual is a task organizing app. As a mom, you are constantly busy and trying to manage everything on your plate. This app can help you divide and conquer between tasks on your flowchart. Click here to see your project management dreams come true.

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Fooducate allows you to scan barcodes on food to find the healthiest and cheapest options for you! And the best part about it is it’s FREE! Click here for more info.

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Lumosity will become your personal brain trainer if you download it. It helps with attention and memory improvement, and consists of various “training sessions” for different areas such as problem solving or memory. Click here to download Lumosity.


Owl provides their users with random but useful facts throughout the day. Family and friends will be impressed by how much you know! Check it out here.

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Duolingo is beneficial if you’re trying to learn a new language. Not only can you learn various languages for free but you can even challenge a friend to a duel! Learn more here.

GeoReader points out historical landmarks as you walk or drive by them. This app will help you to realize that there is a lot more to your surroundings than you thought. Just imagine the things you could learn while on a road trip! Click here to visit GeoReader’s website.

HowStuffWorks provides you with information that you never learned in school. From “Technology” to “Stuff Mom Never Told You”, it covers all categories. The information is provided by the Discovery Channel and HowStuffWorks archives, and there are even fun quizzes that you can take to test your knowledge! Click here to check it out in iTunes.

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