Don’t wait for January 1 to resolve to live better and feel lighter. Make your New Year’s celebration symbolic of the changes you are going to live this year. The best way to make a lasting change is get started immediately and in small, sustainable steps. Making these three small changes will mark the beginning of your success.

Drink slim. These two simple choices will save you over 400 calories throughout the night. Alternate alcoholic drinks with calorie-free seltzer. The delay in your buzz will help you make good choices all night long and save you from feeling poorly the first morning of the year.

Choose mixed drinks that have real juice, a simple syrup or seltzer. Avoid red bull, coke, margaritas or other caffeinated or packaged mixes. The caffeinated drinks will increase your adrenal and your cortisol levels so you will be more likely to use the calories for fat. The mixed drinks can have 300-500 calories a piece. Drink slim and drop calories as you celebrate.


Eat first. Don’t go to a New Year’s party hungry. Expect the food to be heavy on salt and simple carbohydrates to help absorb the alcohol. Eat a good meal before you go and you will not be tempted to overdo it on the junk food and passed hors d’oeuvres later. Every fried patty, bruschetta, breadstick in dip or puffed pasty can add 200-400 calories in just a few little bites. You can enjoy a large and healthy meal at home for the same calorie cost and be satisfied and focused on having fun until the ball drops.


Dance and stand. Keep moving all night long. The more you move and dance the more fun you will have. Plus, you’ll be less likely to fill the time by hovering around the buffet. Just standing for an hour burns 150 calories and dancing can burn between 300-600 calories an hour. Earn your drinks and build memories that will last longer than that third cookie or stuffed mushroom.


This year don’t wait to live joyfully and fueled with great energy. Drop calories and gain a lighter feeling of fun when the ball drops.